Highschool vs. College vs. Post-College

Hangovers Hangovers in Highschool= Non-existent. Round two anyone??! Hangovers in College= Slightly painful..maybe a headache, but taco bell and a giant soda will do the trick. Hangovers Post-College= Lasting a minimum of 3 days. Symptoms: depression, headache, nausea, sensitivity to sound, promises WILL be made that you will never drink again…..until maybe next weekend. BOYS Boys in Highschool= … More Highschool vs. College vs. Post-College

What Your Nail Polish Says About You

1) Un-manicured hands mean…. “I don’t have time for manicures or nail upkeep, nor do I care. I like to actually use my hands for USEFUL things, like playing sports/hammering things/cleaning/gardening/building tree houses/rock climbing/etc…” 2) French Manicured Nails mean…… “I like PSLs, spa days, the color white, my house is painted and decorated in neutrals, and … More What Your Nail Polish Says About You


BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Growing up, I was always taught to treat others how I would like to be treated. I truly do believe that is the best way to go, unless you have, over time, earned yourself a different form of treatment. It is all just a part of growing up, I know, but … More MINI MEAN GIRLS